I have the answer that will solve myriad health problems

My current situation makes me think of Kurt Vonnegut’s tale about an odd little creature that sets down on a beautiful mowed landscape. It arrived from a faraway place in the universe. It is early morning and the slightest  fog is just burning away. Two golfers are leaving a path in the dew that covers everything as they walk along. The spaceship opens up and a small ” something” exits and moves toward the golfers. The little guy is absolutely filled with knowledge. It knows how to bring peace on earth, cure cancer, and hundreds of other scientific breakthroughs. Humanity will be saved in myriad ways. The golfers must have been scared because they each took out a golf club and beat the little space traveler to death with their clubs.

My studies, knowledge, and experience combine to demonstrate that I am correct in my assessment of what needs to be done. I have discovered an answer. My method will save the health insurance industry billions and save the public years from going into nursing homes. People will live longer, be more youthful, be healthier, and happier.

 I welcome anyone’s suggestions as to how I can get my message out to the widest possible audience. Thank you for your help.

 Stephen Jepson from neverleavetheplayground.com

Do you want to live longer? Do you want to be healthy throughout your life?

My copy of AARP Bulletin for January and February 2017 arrived a few days ago and in it Elizabeth Blackburn who won the Nobel Prize for her work on aging discusses what can be done to live longer and fend off disease.

   In the article she says: “do really interesting activities”‘…

This is exactly what happens when you implement my playings, games, and toys in my Never Leave The  Playground program. 

   She goes on to say: “It was simply additive: the more types of activities you did the better the results.”

   I interpret this as a substantiation of what is accomplished using my Never Leave The Playground ideas – a longer, healthier life. I have a fun, fast, and easy way to improve your balance, stability, coordination, memory, creativity, and mood. I want to help you to a longer, healthier life.

Books I Have Read Recently

 ‘I have two powerful and important books to recommend. First
‘Sitting Kills, Moving Heals’ and now her latest ‘Designed to Move’
are a fast, engrossing read. These books will save your life and
contribute to a longer, healthier life. Who could ask for anything

Dr. Vernikos is the former director of NASA’s Life Sciences
and pioneering researcher in the physiology of Space and Inactivity.
She has done groundbreaking research on how sitting causes poor
health and premature aging. She shows how you can defeat sitting
disease through simple movements that you can do anywhere, at your
office, at home, and even in your car, a cure which I deem to be an
easy and simple fix.
where the books are shown.
 Dr. Vernikos’s  mission in life is to make the world a healthier,
happier place. Follow her advice.’

Balance, Stability, Coordination, Memory, Mood, Creativity and…

I have been studying elements of these various things for the past 40 years. I have made what are for me some novel connections. I have connected the dots in ways I am unable to find anywhere in literature. It is my intent to share these ideas with you over the next few weeks and months. My ideas will help you with your balance, stability, coordination, memory, mood, creativity, and? You will feel younger. You will be happier. Statistically I can help you live longer. People who do the kinds of things I share and teach statistically live long, healthy lives.

I start with very simple games, playings, and toys. Nothing strenuous – nothing arduous. And I ramp up the difficulty so that you continue to grow. Simple to more complex. People have success from day one. And build to remarkable degrees of difficulty.

I am not going to propose to anyone to learn to juggle.

I am not going to propose to anyone to learn to ride a unicycle.

Nor to learn to throw knives accurately.

Or even walk on a loose rope.

These are things I can do; but I have been working on it for 65 years. 

On  30, 2016 November I wake boarded for the first time in my life. It took me twice to get up but I did it. It is now early January 2017 so that was just a little over a month ago. Since then I have had double cataract surgery. Almost 20/20 with my right eye and my left eye is improving daily.

In a few months I will be 76 years old.

 Stephen Jepson


Stephen Jepson From Never Leave The Playground plans swim across Spirit Lake 59 years after his first swim in 1957



Stephen Jepson Spirit Lake swim  summer 1958  All in photo identified in news paper article above.

Swam a mile yesterday    Saturday May 28, 2016.  The last time I swam a mile was in 2011.  That was the year I swam across the largest natural lake in Iowa for the fifth time.  When I swim Spirit Lake on Friday, July 29, 2016 it will be the sixth time. I will be swimming across the lake 59 years almost to the day since my first swim in 1957.  I keep a journal. Something I make a note of almost every entry is how physically active I was today? What did I do physically?  So I have my training schedule from the spring of 2011. I know the day I began to train and how far I went during each training session. My first mile, my first hour-long kick, my first 90 minutes swim etc. When I looked at that earlier schedule I discovered I had started swimming much earlier than I did this year. I found it a bit daunting. I quit looking at it.  I will train to get in as good shape as I am able. I swam an hour yesterday without stopping. I’m on my way to completing the big lake swim.  I swim three days a week and I kick for over an hour three times a week.

That’s it.

Keep moving people. It’s the secret to life.

Warmly, Stephen

Never Leave The Playground

Helping people make a habit of a healthy lifestyle

Sedentary behavior is death

Sedentary behavior is death

Sedentary behavior is death.

When I was a kid in the 1950s in my hometown Sioux City, Iowa I would walk through downtown putting my hand on top of a parking meter and vault over the meter much as I’m doing here. Here  in my 70s still playing.

A sedentary lifestyle is death. We are animals, and we are born to move. We are not bushes, trees, or carrots. See Daniel Wolpert’s TED talk entitled: “The real reason for brains”.

So many people live a sedentary lifestyle for years, and then get quite fat and a little sick and they go to the doctor and want to be fixed with a pill. Doctors do not have a pill for a sedentary lifestyle.

I totally understand why this unfolded – we have history to view here; lots of verifiable data.

When I grew up in the 40s and 50s (I am still growing up) I seem to have been taught that all of the modern conveniences coming online were wonderful: washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, air-conditioning, telephone, power lawnmowers, IBM Selectric typewriters, and then the remotes, remotes, and more remotes. We no longer have to move to turn the TV on or off or to change channels. We can turn the fans on, we can turn the lights on or off, we can turn the record player on, we can start the coffee in the morning, open the garage door, unlock the car doors, start the car, opened the gate in front of the house, and on and on. We no longer have to move to turn things on or off. All of this was done so we could spend more time doing (?) or lounging. Lounging turned out to be quite popular, and with all of the “modern conveniences” we could spend lots of time lounging. Perhaps we Americans are premier loungers in the world. If not, at least we are in competition for the record. By the way read “lounging” as sedentary behavior or a sedentary lifestyle. Now is the moment when you need to go to your computer and order a most wonderful book by Dr. Joan Vernikos. This particular Dr. helped the astronauts rehabilitate when they returned from space. Her book is entitled: “Sitting Kills  Moving Heals”.

A small change in your life (which is also fun) will yield quite remarkable results.

I have a way for you that is fun, fast, and easy to make your hands and feet quicker and more accurate – regardless of what you already do.

This will add tremendously to the quality of your life.

Do my playful stuff, and you will feel better and be better.

Please check out my videos on YouTube

and come visit me at


Warmly, Stephen

Magnificent pattern brain neuroplasticity exercises

Magnificent pattern

Some thoughts on a Friday March 4th, 2016.

Magnificent pattern

Imagine the exquisite landscape in your brain that is your memory of doing something physical that you love. How much of our brain is devoted to the physical moves we have learned from the day we were born until the day many of us left the playground for good? How complex is the map that enables us to run, swim, ski, bicycle, and on and on… There was a time when we had no knowledge existing as that territory of running, swimming, skiing, bicycling, and on and on… Now there must be quite wonderful patterns representing these memories in the brain.

I have discovered something that seems so obvious to me in hindsight that from time to time I say to myself: “Stephen everybody knows that.”

But no, everybody does not seem to know the value of enriching the brain with new brain cells and connections, taking greater advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity.

I have an effective way to stimulate brain growth that is fun, fast, and easy – at the same time improving your balance, stability, coordination, memory, creativity, mood…

 You can find out what I am up to at: neverleavetheplayground.com

come join me in the fun.

See you on the playground,

warmly, Stephen

brain neuroplasticity exercises

Stephen Jepson from Never Leave The Playground having a little fun at 75 years of age.

Stephen Jepson at age 75

Sudoku,lumosity, and crossword puzzles good for your overall physical health?  I don’t think so.

And modern research says these things do not contribute to your overall physical health.  The best brain training is physical.

The most beneficial for your brain brain is motor skill training.  Sudoku trains you to be better at doing sudoku.
Luminosity trains you to be better at doing luminosity stuff.  Crossword puzzles teaches you to be better at doing crossword puzzles.
These do not train your body to have better balance, stability, and coordination. These do not protect you against falling. They do not help your body become more physically healthy. They do not train your hands and feet to be quicker and more accurate.
I guarantee my games, toys, and playings to improve your balance, stability, and coordination thus protecting you against falls. I guarantee what I share and teach to improve your memory, mood, creativity, and much more.
Doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, and luminosity have nothing to do with a healthier body, in fact if you do them sitting down it may be unhealthier than doing them at all. Sitting is described as the new “cigarettes”. As Dr. Joan Vernikos says in her wonderful book: “Sitting Kills Moving Heals”.

So you better not be doing your crossword puzzles, sudoku, or luminosity sitting down because statistically you are heading toward a shorter life span. It would be much better if you spent that time out going for a walk. And if you really want to make a contribution to your health you better be doing the kinds of things I share and teach in my Never Leave The Playground program. I guarantee it will contribute to your overall health in many ways. Have me Stephen Jepson come and share my health giving, life-changing ways to your organization or group. I guarantee it works.


Stephen Jepson

I am not a leader. I am merely indicating what I believe to be the path.

I am not a leader. I am merely indicating what I believe to be the path.

Follow The Leader

November 8, 2015

I was sitting thinking about my role in helping people to become more adept with regard to how they move their physical bodies. I thought – am I a leader? And then I thought, what a pretentious idea; me a leader. And then I thought of myself as pointing the direction; indicating a way to go, a fruitful path. Each of us can plan and create their own way to better health.

Follow the leader –

In a way yes.

In a way no.

Think about a group of people making their way through a new territory; do they spread out each one making their own path – a new trail or does the group follow one who is determining the way? If this were not the case there would be no trails. Some trails are so worn they last for centuries.

Dr. Joan Verikos has found a new path; that is, the aging process can be reversed. Now we have a new trail. I have come up with an efficacious way to reverse aging that is fun, fast, and easy. Training our bodies in much the same way we did as children on the playground;  which yielded valuable skill sets we would need our entire lives.

Now you become the leader.

The leader of you – once you have the concept you will design your own path, choosing your own fun things to do to train your body. It will keep your brain sharp till you are old. It will keep you out of a nursing home. I cannot imagine going from playing on the playground to a nursing home. Seems like there would be quite a vast distance from playing on the playground to spending one’s time in a nursing home. Stay on the playground.