Stephen Jepson From Never Leave The Playground plans swim across Spirit Lake 59 years after his first swim in 1957



Stephen Jepson Spirit Lake swim  summer 1958  All in photo identified in news paper article above.

Swam a mile yesterday    Saturday May 28, 2016.  The last time I swam a mile was in 2011.  That was the year I swam across the largest natural lake in Iowa for the fifth time.  When I swim Spirit Lake on Friday, July 29, 2016 it will be the sixth time. I will be swimming across the lake 59 years almost to the day since my first swim in 1957.  I keep a journal. Something I make a note of almost every entry is how physically active I was today? What did I do physically?  So I have my training schedule from the spring of 2011. I know the day I began to train and how far I went during each training session. My first mile, my first hour-long kick, my first 90 minutes swim etc. When I looked at that earlier schedule I discovered I had started swimming much earlier than I did this year. I found it a bit daunting. I quit looking at it.  I will train to get in as good shape as I am able. I swam an hour yesterday without stopping. I’m on my way to completing the big lake swim.  I swim three days a week and I kick for over an hour three times a week.

That’s it.

Keep moving people. It’s the secret to life.

Warmly, Stephen

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Stephen Jepson Conquers Big Spirit

Big Spirit Lake

My support crew includes: Bob
Wynne (boat owner and operator) and Marybelle Jepson (navigator, planner and of course my mother)

Stephen Jepson Conquers Big Spirit

I certainly do not think of ” conquering” Spirit Like. That was a word used by an Iowa newspaper describing my swim across the largest natural lake in Iowa. All I did was enter the lake on one shore and swim to the farthest shore. It was only a few miles. My initial swim was on a beautiful summer day in 1957. I just turned 16. I swam the lake again the following year (1958). I waited until my late 60s for my fourth Lake swim. I crossed the lake in the water for the fifth time in 2011. I am 75 this month. It has been 59 years since I first swam the lake. My plan is to swim Big Spirit for the sixth time on July 29, 2016.
I have done some resistance training and soon I will get in the pool. Today May 2, 2016 will be my first pool swim in several years.
I am happy to share my training schedule if you are interested.
Warmly, Stephen
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Fitness Business Summit Keynote Speaker Stephen Jepson


Hi Kids, I will be the “Keynote Speaker at the:

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Warmly Stephen Jepson

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I am keynote speaker at the Kennedy Space Center on February 9, 2015.


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I have come up with a program that contributes mightily to increasing cognitive reserve. Practicing what I teach dramatically improves balance, coordination, stability, memory, creativity, mood, and more. Here is a short video that shows snippets of some of my ideas and what I teach.

These video clips were taken from a recent talk:

Experts on senior citizen fitness & my presentation at Waterman Village in Mount Dora

I am keynote speaker at the Kennedy Space Center on February 9, 2015.

Here is a review of my presentation from a couple of months ago from the person who hired me.

To Whom it May Concern:

Think you know what it means to be 73 years old? Think again. Stephen Jepson visited the Adult School of Montclair in the fall of 2014 and made us all reconsider our previously held notions.Stephen is an accomplished artist and athlete – a man who knows how to live a colorful, vibrant life. He encourages everyone to MOVE! Listen to your body, engage at your own pace but move! Stephen has developed simple tools that help maintain the fine neuro motor skills that can be instrumental in the prevention of disabling falls. Stephen’s talk is part demonstration and part lecture peppered with personal anecdotes. The audience found this program entertaining and inspirational.

Stephen is an accommodating speaker and his visit was made easy by his desire to share his experience with others. The most important thing that Stephen teaches is that life is an adventure and deserves to be lived to the fullest. He is the embodiment of this philosophy and inspires students to take charge of their own lives.

We greatly enjoyed Stephen’s visit.

Suzy Kass

Executive Director

Adult School of Montclair

My ideas work. They produce positive results and are supported by science.

Warmly, Stephen Jepson

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