If you want to learn something

If you want to learn something physical that is difficult; practice often and quit hungry for the experience. Practice for brief periods of time. Do not practice when you are tired and when you begin to make mistakes quit your practice. Imagine a golden thread fastened to the center of your chest pulling you to your next session “tomorrow at 8 AM–10 AM–whenever, I get to practice again. You want to look forward to your next session with a happy, expectant anticipation–not drudgery. It will keep your learning fun, interesting, and exciting.

One thought on “If you want to learn something

  1. aerobis

    For my training I limit myself to a very short amount of time per day. It is so short that I always feel as that I could have gone longer in that session.

    That keeps me motivated for the next workout. At the same time I am eager to prepare a training with content that is valuable/fun/diverse enough to make it into that session instead of droning on the same movements over and over again.

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