Hasse Højland writes:

It was my great pleasure to bring Stephen Jepson to our Danish School of Design in Kolding Denmark for the Yearly Design Camp 2013. The theme for the 2 week long camp was Play to Design. Stephen gave two presentations for the international students, talking about and showing his thoughts and ideas behind his mission, Never leave the Playground. Stephen’s presentation was a blast!!


The times we live in are very comfortable and for most of us food is plentiful and within arm’s reach.  Everywhere – everyday!  As much food as we want and definitely much more food than we need. We don’t even have to move much to get it. It’s a tough job to talk to young people concerning the urgency of the health consequences of this issue and convince  them of the importance of movement, body training, and exercise, but Stephen got the message clearly through by telling his stories and showing his toys and playful training tools mixed with his deep insights and personal experiences.


With his wonderful, passionate, and personal authority Stephen won every person in the room over and received standing ovations from the crowd!  They got it and I am sure it was a life changing speech for many of them. And a start for change . . .


I highly recommend Stephen Jepson as a speaker and a motivator. He is a living inspiration and model to learn from.  Full of joy, happiness, and play. 


Now get moving!  

Hasse Hoejlan
Project Manager
Kolding  School of Design