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Some Recent Events:

Stephen at the 20th International Designcamp Kolding Design School in Kolding Denmark November 2013.

Juggling all over the Country with Stephen Jepson.

Another fun way to Grow Brain Cells from Stephen Jepson.

See The Growing Video.

Some Upcoming Events.

Stephen Jepson’s Current Activities

By Stephen Jepson

Juggling | Grow New Brain Cells | Stephen Jepson’s Current Activities

One thought on “Stephen Jepson’s Current Activities

  1. wizard

    I enjoyed your videos very much. Glad to see someone a little older than me, out there playing around. You have given me some great ideas to take back to N.C. My friends and I are all about 62 and we are feeling a little lost. I think that getting them involved in play is just the thing that will make this transitional age work. I love to skip but just don’t. I got to the point I was tired of being “different” but at this point in my life I believe it is just the right thing. 😀

    I will connect with you before I go. I am looking forward to speaking with you. Your energy really comes through on the videos, especially the Mt Dora video. I see that you will be in N.C. in May. Maybe we can work out a side trip event.

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