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At age 83, I am living proof of a philosophy that keeps the mind and body active, simply through the art of play. I enjoy tightrope walking, unicycling, throwing knives and juggling while balancing on a bongo board. I also love water sports, like kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. Since age 65, I have won over 80 gold medals in swim competitions around the world and swam across Iowa’s beautiful Spirit Lake. The lifestyle-fitness philosophy I’m talking about is called, “Never Leave the Playground”.

I have committed myself to researching and documenting my theory of lifetime fitness, which now is being presented in this program called, “Never Leave the Playground”. We are going to have a lot of fun along the way. I can help you, too.

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Stephen Jepson is A Keynote Speaker On Health & Wellness

Improve memory & Creativity & Change Your Life For The Better.

Stephen Jepson Says

Keynote Speaker on Health

“Never Leave the Playground” can Change Your Life For The Better by changing your mindset. Instead of seeing moving the body as a difficult effort, this method of approach towards movement encourages lightheartedness, laughter and simplicity. I have adapted activities for different skill levels that immediately get the body moving.

The Jepson Method

  • The Jepson method is  “age proofing the brain and body”, and it can begin at any age or any condition of the body.
  • I have committed myself to researching and documenting my theory of lifetime fitness, culminating in Never Leave the Playground.
  • I can help you too, no matter where you are in your physical journey, with games and toys that will help maintain your health at any age.
  • It is My goal is to teach people to keep up the physical movement, the activity which continually enriches the brain and body.
  • My games, playings, and toys do that.
  • My program improves one’s balance, stability, and coordination, with attendant improvement in one’s memory, creativity, mood and more.
  • Keep moving in fun, creative ways, all of your life.
  • I received my MFA in ceramics from Alfred University, and I was a professor at UCF.
  • Eight years earlier I started my own company, Jepson Pottery.
  • I am one of the best motivational Keynote Speaker On Health & Wellness.
  • Maintain balance stability coordination with my program.
  • A Keynote Speaker On Health & Wellness

My Mission

My mission is to tell every human being on the planet that their quality of life can be improved immediately by playing on the playground.  With constant play and movement, your brain capacity will increase, and your physical well-being and metabolism will be at its best.

  • My ideas will transform you. It is a process reality that will yield magnificent experiences in your life.
  • The tiniest tweak can make a positive difference.
  • Small changes in your behavior can yield positive, gratifying results.
  • A small shift in behavior can result in improvement and staying healthy.
  • The changes do not take willpower or courage; they are driven by the pursuit of enjoyment and fun.
  • It will be a matter of you controlling your destiny.
  • Start to Change Your Life For The Better Today.

This is Play, Not Exercise!

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