Sunset Beach
Anchor Point Training

Hello Everyone from Long Beach, California & Costa Mesa!

Hello from Long Beach, California. Had so much fun in Costa Mesa. A wonderful time at Sunset Beach & Rogers Gardens. We did some Anchor Point Training Training too.

I have only been here a short time from my hotel in Costa Mesa but my dance card has been totally filled with a variety of activities which I will subsequently describe and two very interesting human beings. I have been treated royally since arriving here. My hostess Margaret Lloyd is a charming, sophisticated, bright, energetic, generous, fun 78-year-old woman of the world.

Anchor Point Training:

We get up at dawn and walk down the beach to a lifeguard stand where we hook up Chris Sever’s equipment to the lifeguard stand. His company is called: Anchor Point Training, and the equipment that he has developed is fun to use. We have about a 40 minute workout and then walk back to Margaret’s beautiful place on the ocean.

Breakfast here is a main event:

Breakfast here is a main event – actually each meal here has been a main event. So much delicious food – such great variety. Without this kind of activity I would get chubby with all the delicious calories. Yesterday we left Chris working on his computer and Margaret drove the two of us south on Pacific Coast Highway.

Leaving Long Beach:

Leaving Long Beach we drove through Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, past Balboa Island our final destination was Corona del Mar, California. There we visited Sherman Library and Gardens where Margaret is a member. This little garden is exquisite. I have been to botanical Gardens around the world and this place fits right in. It is lovely.

Our next stop was a classic hamburger place called Ruby’s. The hamburger was a 10 and the place architecturally was also a 10. Music from the 40s and 50s; Ella Fitzgerald was singing as we left.

Rogers Gardens
Roger’s Gardens

Rogers Gardens Nursery:

Our next stop was the most magnificent retail nursery I have ever seen in my life. The name of the place is Rogers Gardens. Check it out people on the Internet. I found it totally impressive. In the evenings at Margaret’s home both nights so far have been a delicious dinner meal including huge chocolate desserts. Custard, strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream, and of course lots and lots of chocolate – both sauce and pieces of chocolate candy. The meal was impressive but the desserts even more impressive. And then we drank wine and talk and talk until bedtime.

That’s it everybody now you know what I’m doing in Southern California. Thanks for reading. Goodbye for now. Probably the next time you all here for me I will be in Phuket, Thailand and on to new adventures. It is my plan to keep you posted.

Warmly, Stephen Jepson

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