brain neuroplasticity exercises

Magnificent Pattern Brain Neuroplasticity Exercises

Some thoughts on a Friday March 4th, 2016.

Magnificent pattern brain neuroplasticity exercises. Activate your brain now.

Imagine the exquisite landscape in your brain that is your memory of doing something physical that you love. How much of our brain is devoted to the physical moves we have learned from the day we were born until the day many of us left the playground for good? How complex is the map that enables us to run, swim, ski, bicycle, and on and on… There was a time when we had no knowledge existing as that territory of running, swimming, skiing, bicycling, and on and on… Now there must be quite wonderful patterns representing these memories in the brain.

Magnificent pattern

I have discovered something that seems so obvious to me in hindsight that from time to time I say to myself: “Stephen everybody knows that.”

But no, everybody does not seem to know the value of enriching the brain with new brain cells and connections, taking greater advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity.

I have an effective way to stimulate brain growth that is fun, fast, and easy – at the same time improving your balance, stability, coordination, memory, creativity, mood…

 You can find out what I am up to at:

come join me in the fun.

See you on the playground,

warmly, Stephen

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