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exercises to improve memory and concentration
Stephen Jepson

Stephen Jepson - Wikipedia

My instructional videos are intended to teach intermediate and beginner potters how to improve their technique.
In 1997, I founded The World Pottery Institute in Geneva, Florida, a school for potters. Even though I am now retired, I continue to teach pottery lessons part time.  Now all of my time is dedicated  to athletic inventions.
Anchors of health with Stephen Jepson

Stephen Jepson – Anchors Of Health

In episode 12, you’ll learn about activities that stimulate the growth of the brain and body by specific training of the hands and feet. And most of all you’ll learn how to bring back that playfulness you had as a child.   Read More…

Stephen Jepson – Growing Bolder

A former college arts professor, whose work is in the Smithsonian, is the unlikely ringleader behind a brain health philosophy that is gaining support from big brains across the country.  Read More…

Never Stop Playing – Growing Bolder

Stephen Jepson believes the key to never losing your balance — or your mind — is in the games and activities of our youth. Never leave the playground.  Read More…
American Parkour Stephen Jepson

Stephen Jepson | American Parkour

Wenxin Yang sat down with a very interesting man. Stephen Jepson a 74 year old mover.
Check out his interview Read More…

Stephen Jepson – Louise Woo Podcast

Falls are the leading cause of death for seniors aged 65+. Of those seniors that survive a fall a majority of them will never live independently. That is a scary statistic that Stephen Jepson decided he would do something about. Stephen is the creator of Never Leave the Playground, where he teaches his philosophy of lifetime activity and play. At 80 years old he can juggle, tight rope walk and ride a unicycle. That’s just scratching the surface of what he can do! He believes these activities will change everyone’s lives, not just seniors, to live a long, healthy and playful life Read More…

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