Never Leave The Playground Video 55 Minutes DVD

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Never Leave The Playground Video 55 Minutes DVD

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Improve Your Memory - Training The Body

This video will assist you in the training your hands and feet, brain games, and activities that will improve your thinking. My video will improve your memory, Brain improvement & improved thinking with my DVD. Improve Your Memory by Training The Body With Play.


Brain Improvement Training For The Hands, Feet, and Body video.

Never Leave The Playground Video Digital / Streaming. Functional  Training For The Hands, Feet, and Body 55 minutes.  Digital / Streaming mp4 Format Works for:  mac / pc / android phones / android tablets / iphone / ipad.

Never Leave The Playground Video 55 Minutes Digital Video Download.

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Stephen Lives What He Teaches

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February 4, 2019

“ I’ve known Stephen for about 19 years and he has always lived what he teaches about never leaving the playground. He has taken me on many trips kayaking in boats of his own design and manufacture, skateboarding, biking, and hiking, rope walking, and making pottery, which he is a master at. He is young of heart and mind, fit beyond people 20 or more years his junior. But most important, Stephen is just fun to be around!”

Ken Rohla

Never Leave The Playground Video

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A program of activities that stimulates the growth of the brain and body by specific training of the hands and feet.


Training your hands and feet with my method is so much fun too.

Activate your mind & body with brain games & exercises that make you feel young.

Educational Pottery Videos

Four some stay at home fun with my pottery making educational videos, please visit:



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