Spend your life on the playground

Spend your life on the playground”

For me the concept of playground includes the following: physical activity, lots of physical activity, a wide variety of physical activity and movement, my socialization in part, girlfriends, boyfriends, balls of various shapes and sizes, slides, merry go rounds, swings, monkey bars, jump rope, Jacks, hopscotch, gaiety, laughter, Inventing new games,Learning to take my turn (smile), being on a team, playing by myself… Certainly not limited to these things. My life is relatively physical (I ride a bicycle for 12 miles 4 to 6 times a week). I practice juggling most days. I do some resistance training (in my life I have done a lot more). I do a wide variety of movement and activity exercises each day. Movement is key. Movement is crucial. Movement sustains us. Spend your life on the playground.

By: Stephen Jepson

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