Never Leave The Playground

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The playground of our youth was a training ground

The playground of our youth was a training ground. What did you learn? Myriad things. Did you stop playground activities? You can continue what those playground-esque activities did for you when you were a child. Brain growth in fun and easy ways. Playings of your own creation. The things that cause your brain to change can be of your own devising. You will soon see your creative abilities growing. The entire process will be self reinforcing and self-perpetuating. Momentum. That Newtonian stuff. A body in motion… You will be a body in motion seeking and finding new ideas, new games, new playings, new, new, new –creative, creative, creative. Almost unimaginably fun. All yours. Then yours to share. We are standing on the shoulders of giants. Stephen Jepson

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Never Leave the Playground is a program of activities that stimulates the growth of the brain and body by specific training of the hands and feet. My method has two goals: to promote good health and to have fun.