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DVD’s & Digital Videos for improved health $ clearer thinking. Sharpen your brain & become smarter with my program. Perfect stay at home fun exercises.

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Stephen Jepson Review

5.0 rating

It was our privilege to have Stephen Jepson at our school early in June 2015. He did five small presentations in schools and seniors facilities and then a full presentation in the evening for about 350 children and adults. Stephen is a high energy guy with lots of enthusiasm. He speaks with passion and conviction on the topic of wellness, physical fitness, and living a long productive life. The audiences loved his presentations and were inspired to make changes to their lifestyle. The feedback we received from Stephen’s presentation has been positive and I am glad that we had Stephen Jepson visit our school and share his ideas. Ron Schafer Director – Physical Education Burman University

Ron Schafer

Love your passion for life!

5.0 rating

Thanks for your evangelical programs. I purchased both, and you inspired me to get up and go! I’m 63, and I now Trikke, juggle, and balance board. I’m even trying pickleball! Life is fun, again!

Alan Barker

What a gift to humanity!

5.0 rating

We need more people like you to help others throughout the country ( in every state) to restore their vibrancy into their senior years. Perhaps establish centers with lots of people in many cities, encouraging each other, and restoring FUN in their lives. What an immune system booster, body healer, mind enhancer that would be for more and more people!! That would be such a gift to humanity, don’t you think?!

Elaine Bormel

This Moment

5.0 rating

He’s in it! Not elsewhere. Stephen is naturally engaged in this moment and treasures it whether he is at his leisure or at a project, whatever company he’s in or not in… there is a natural aplomb to the man without pretense and the moment is the way of his disarming art of just being himself which is quite miraculous, isn’t it? And so it is also more sparked or a flame added unto in anyone paying attention and in his company.

Grace Stewart

Stephen's Work Vital to the Health of Our Nation

5.0 rating

Cutting edge brain research confirms what Stephen is sharing with the world…keeping the brain sharp through physical skill & activity training is vital to a happy, vibrant life from the cradle to grave. Sedentary lifestyle is probably the single biggest contributing factor to the dramatic increase in our society’s biggest issues: heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, OCD, dyslexia, and more. Keep spreading the word, Stephen. The sooner we educate our population, the sooner we can start turning the tide for these life limiting struggles!

Tom Shenk
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DVD’s & Digital Videos for improved health $ clearer thinking. Sharpen your brain & become smarter with my program. Perfect stay at home fun exercises.

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