Growing New Brain Cells – A Healthy Brain- Live Longer – Better Health & Happiness

and Training The Body for A Lifetime of Wellness & is just the start.

My Never Leave The Playground

thesis is that to maintain a bright, zippy, healthy brain and mind during our lifetime we must continually train both the right and left sides of our bodies for our entire life, learning new things for our hands and feet to do until the day we die. These are exactly the kinds of things our bodies and brains learned from the moment we were born until we left the playground. We continued to learn these things up into early adulthood. Some examples of what many of us might have learned include things like: kicking a ball, hopscotch, marbles, jump rope, learning to use a knife and fork, jacks, chopsticks, shooting baskets, knitting, passing a football, drumming, crocheting, playing the piano, playing the guitar, weaving a basket, making pottery, painting with a brush, welding, using a hammer, using a screwdriver, stirring with the right and left hand, ice skating, hacky sack, kneading bread, throwing a Frisbee, foosball, driving a stick shift, all kinds of climbing, bicycling, skateboarding, physical stuff like that trains both the right and left hand and right and left foot and right and left sides of our brains. My playings and games are like all of the above, but without the difficulty of many of them. They are supercharged ways of growing new brain cells and training the body for a lifetime. I start with very simple things to do, often using found objects wherever I may be. Everything I use is free or very inexpensive. The hand and foot activities I teach are novel and fresh; they are all new activities for our brain, resulting in the creation of new brain cell growth, new healthy neurons and the positive lifesaving development of healthy neural pathways. Everything I teach and recommend is fun and easy in the beginning and has the potential to grow in complexity, in challenge, and in level of difficulty. You will experience success every day, which is always enjoyable. This draws you back to practice each day. Just as beginning on the playground called to you throughout your childhood, you are drawn back to brain enhancing fun. It is great fun and is so easy. Such a basic concept.

Never Leave The Playground:

Most everybody can do this at some level. Start playing and grow physically and mentally stronger day by day. It will change your life I promise you. The things I teach and share will change your life – guaranteed. Start slow and easy and soon your movements will become more complex. Your balance, coordination, stability, memory, creativity, mood, and outlook on life and overall health will improve. It is written in stone. How many thousands of years have humans been doing exactly this? You know it is true; you know what I have said is basic to what we are and to what we do. If you want to continue to be vital, it is crucial to keep moving and keep learning in this way. Keep growing all of your life. Keep growing and playing until the day you die. Dance around the house. Make your world your playground! Never Leave The Playground and you’ll remain vibrant in body, mind and spirit!

This is my dream: for everybody to be healthier, happier, and longer lived.


Stephen Jepson

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