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Make Me Smarter, Healthier & Happier. Stephen Jepson is living proof of his philosophy of lifetime fitness. Keep moving through constant play. Life Changing Fun

At age 79, Stephen Jepson is living proof of his philosophy of lifetime fitness called  Never Leave the Playground.

He rides a unicycle, juggles while balancing on a bongo board, throws knives and plays jacks with both hands, walks a tightrope, swam across Iowa’s Spirit Lake at age 66, and has won over 80 gold medals in swimming since age 65.

He knows the secret is to “just keep moving” through constant play, not exercise.

No matter how impaired the body has become through disease or aging, consistent movement is imperative to regain and maintain balance, stability, coordination and growth.

  • Stephen calls it “age proofing the brain and body”, and it can begin at any age or any condition of the body. 
  • Stephen received his MFA in ceramics from Alfred University, and was a professor at UCF.
  • Eight years earlier he started his own company, Jepson Pottery.

However, the last 8 years, he has committed himself to researching and documenting his theory of lifetime fitness, culminating in Never Leave the Playground.

He can help you, too, no matter where you are in your physical journey, with games and toys that will help maintain your health at any age.

Very importantly, will just have fun along the way.

Canoeing In Florida

Canoeing in Florida
Canoeing in Florida

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Stephen Lives What He Teaches

5.0 rating
February 4, 2019

“ I’ve known Stephen for about 19 years and he has always lived what he teaches about never leaving the playground. He has taken me on many trips kayaking in boats of his own design and manufacture, skateboarding, biking, and hiking, rope walking, and making pottery, which he is a master at. He is young of heart and mind, fit beyond people 20 or more years his junior. But most important, Stephen is just fun to be around!”

Ken Rohla

Great week of classes w/Stephen

3.0 rating
April 15, 2018

Just spent a week at JCCFS taking pottery classes from Stephen. I got a mix of his fantastic pottery skills with some valuable observations on life. Looking forward to the next time!

Bob Hoye

Designed To Move

5.0 rating
March 10, 2016

Designed to Move is the title of my new book following up on Sitting Kills Moving Heals. Thank you Stephen for being such a fan. It’s mutual of course. Designed to move gets into the mechanics of optimal motion. We are designed to be perpetual motion machines –cannot think of anyone other than you who better fits this description — that need to use frequent, low to moderate, not high, intensity movement as a tuning fork throughout our waking hours, — ping, ping, ping, on and off. Untuned we are like a piano that has dried out. That’s us., we shrivel and die.

Joan Vernikos


5.0 rating
February 9, 2016

I stumbled across Stephen a year or two ago and found both his outlook and creativity fascinating. There is a lot of thinking outside the box (you’d probably find Stephen leapfrogging the box!) and innovation, I found myself relating to it and proceeded to draw inspiration and ideas, I still regularly practice balancing and other small ways to invigorate the body and teach it new skills, all with the added benefit of rewiring the brain. A recent activity being teaching myself to draw (or write) with left and right hand simultaneously – something I wasn’t sure was possible, but I thought, why not? and sure enough, it was do-able. This is an extension of Stephen’s philosophy and I recommend everyone to stop in at Never Leave the Playground and learn from Stephen. All the best, Stephen, and thanks!

Stewart K-E

Live It!

5.0 rating
August 20, 2015

I’ve followed your pieces for months and I have concluded you are most interested in living life. Not studying it. I agree with your assertion that computer games prepare ‘people’ to be good in computer games. That is fine. We live in a ‘computerized’ world now. I am 65 and revel in the real, the present, the raw and that is what I dig about your work.

Ran Klarin