My activities and events throughout the world

Fun Activities

  • Balancing with Balls on a Bongo Board  
  • Juggling all over the Country
  • Completed Massive Jungle Gym
  • Setup a Jumping Course on Your Playground!
  • Anchor Point Training with Stephen Jepson

Balancing with balls on a bongo board

A delightful way to train your hands and feet to be quicker and more accurate. This will do it without fail. Go slow – get better at each step along the way and maybe someday you will be doing both hands while balancing on the bongo board.

Juggling-unicycling-knife throwing

I enjoy juggling, unicycling, knife throwing, balancing on a loose rope, and tight rope walking.

I have instructional videos on these subjects.


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The Events area

of my website features some of my travels around the world, speaking engagements, and just plain old fun.


Worldwide events

Fun and exciting events

Europe – Asia – The Americas

and more exiting places…

My events have been both exciting and rewarding

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