My activities and events throughout the world

Fun Activities

  • Balancing with Balls on a Bongo Board  
  • Juggling all over the Country
  • Completed Massive Jungle Gym
  • Setup a Jumping Course on Your Playground!
  • Anchor Point Training with Stephen Jepson

Balancing with balls on a bongo board

A delightful way to train your hands and feet to be quicker and more accurate. This will do it without fail. Go slow – get better at each step along the way and maybe someday you will be doing both hands while balancing on the bongo board.

Juggling-unicycling-knife throwing

I enjoy juggling, unicycling, knife throwing, balancing on a loose rope, and tight rope walking.

I have instructional videos on these subjects.


Stephen Jepson Review

5.0 rating
June 25, 2015

It was our privilege to have Stephen Jepson at our school early in June 2015. He did five small presentations in schools and seniors facilities and then a full presentation in the evening for about 350 children and adults. Stephen is a high energy guy with lots of enthusiasm. He speaks with passion and conviction on the topic of wellness, physical fitness, and living a long productive life. The audiences loved his presentations and were inspired to make changes to their lifestyle. The feedback we received from Stephen’s presentation has been positive and I am glad that we had Stephen Jepson visit our school and share his ideas. Ron Schafer Director – Physical Education Burman University

Ron Schafer

The Events area

of my website features some of my travels around the world, speaking engagements, and just plain old fun.


Worldwide events

Fun and exciting events

Europe – Asia – The Americas

and more exiting places…

My events have been both exciting and rewarding

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