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Hand and Foot Activities that are the Best Activities For The Brain, Resulting in New Brain Cell Growth. Keep moving on the playground, and your mind will be strong and clear.  My activities are good for the brain.

The Recess Life Episode With Stephen Jepson

My latest interview with Louise Woo

Falls are the leading cause of death for seniors aged 65+. Of those seniors that survive a fall a majority of them will never live independently. That is a scary statistic that Stephen Jepson decided he would do something about. Stephen is the creator of Never Leave the Playground, where he teaches his philosophy of lifetime activity and play. At 80 years old he can juggle, tight rope walk and ride a unicycle. That’s just scratching the surface of what he can do! He believes these activities will change everyone’s lives, not just seniors, to live a long, healthy and playful life. 

In This Conversation

We talk about
  • how Stephen discovered his love of play and movement
  • how his training helped him recover from a traumatic injury
  • some of the simple activities and exercises that we can all do to start our own journey with movement and play
  • why these kinds of activities strengthen both the body and the brain.
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