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Stay At Home Exercises for Covid 19

Hello everyone,

First off, let me start this post by saying that I hope you and your family and loved ones are safe during this most difficult time during this COVID-19 pandemic.

During normal times my exercise program when staying at home, is exceptional, beneficial, and will contribute to your brain functionality, and your physical well-being.During this time when many of us feel that we need to stay home for safety reasons, we may be looking for something to do to keep us entertained and healthy. My program is perfect a for stay at home excercises, it doesn’t require any interaction with anyone to be fun and productive. I encourage you to consider my program for any time, especially during this pandemic. Right now, if you sign up for my newsletter on my website, you’ll receive a five dollar off coupon for the digital purchase of the videos.

I wish you and your family all the best, and please continue to stay safe during this most difficult time.

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Stephen Jepson

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Never Leave the Playground is a program of activities that stimulates the growth of the brain and body by specific training of the hands and feet. My method has two goals: to promote good health and to have fun.