My 1st Press Release.  History of the press release, and  when was the pr. release created?  Stephen Jepson in the swim mask in 1950. Just beginning my swimming experiences that would continue for a lifetime. Little fellow on the left is Jack Holmes. a childhood friend and someone I am in contact these days. Friends for 65 years, that’s pretty amazing.

1st press release

I recently wrote my 1st press release. I am looking for your suggestions as to where and how to post it to the world. Smile. It may not be worthy of such wide broadcasting – who knows? Please let me know where to post this so that the throngs will be cheering my takeoff on the shore of Spirit Like and the hordes will be standing waist deep in the water yelling their lungs out as I complete my swim. Smile again. 

A Little History of the Press Release:

The 1st pr. release is credited to Ivy Lee: in 1906 his agency was working with the Pennsylvania Railroad at the time of an accident. Rather than waiting to see how journalists would cover the story he wrote up a release and proactively distributed it to journalists. The release told the story from the perspective of the railroad. The press release was born! A Little History of the Pr. Release, (courtesy of

History of the Press Release
History of the Press Release

When Was The Press Release Created?

The press release originated during the year of 1906, after a train wreck in New Jersey took the lives of more than 50 people. At the time of the accident, the train was owned by the Pennsylvania railroad. (courtesy of

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