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The Growing Bolder Interview

The news reels included here are The Growing Bolder Interview, The Fitness Business Summit News Video, and  the Spirit Lake Interview KTIV. This area has positive news on health & speaking engagement.

The Growing Bolder Video Interview:

The Growing Bolder Interview
The Video Viewed Over 4 Million Views

The Growing Bolder interview was originally viewed over 4 million times.

Stephen Jepson on The Cover

I was interviewed by Mark Middleton and Bill Schaffer and appeared on their show “Growing Bolder”.  The show aired on PBS television.

They also interviewed me for NPR radio.

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promote new brain cell growth
Learn How to Juggle
Health News & Events
Stephen Jepson at The Fitness Business Summitt

In this section:

  • Fitness Business Summit Highlights  Cosa Mesa CA

The fitness business summit event was very rewarding for me. It featured a fantastic audience, who were very happy to receive the information. A standing ovation!

Fitness Business Summit News Video

In this section are a few more video interviews.

  • Spirit Lake Interview KTIV Ch 4
  • Includes Swimming Medals

Spirit Lake Interview Local CH 4 KTIV

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Waterman Lakes News Video

positive news on health
Stephen Jepson at Waterman Lakes

In this section:

  • Waterman Lakes Highlights Mt. Dora Florida

News Videos

In this section:

  • Sanford FL Interview

News Interviews

In this section:

  • Anchors of Health Interview

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promote new brain cell growth
Learn How to Juggle

Amazing idea

Rated 5 out of 5
May 5, 2022

I am amazed by your idea and using your techniques I’m trying to train my mother who has movement and balance issue due to a brain stroke and trying to help her build new neuropaths and she is very hopeful after watching these videos.


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