Sudoku,lumosity, and crossword puzzles good for your overall physical health?  I don’t think so.

And modern research says these things do not contribute to your overall physical health.  The best brain training is physical.

The most beneficial for your brain brain is motor skill training.  Sudoku trains you to be better at doing sudoku.
Luminosity trains you to be better at doing luminosity stuff.  Crossword puzzles teaches you to be better at doing crossword puzzles.
These do not train your body to have better balance, stability, and coordination. These do not protect you against falling. They do not help your body become more physically healthy. They do not train your hands and feet to be quicker and more accurate.
I guarantee my games, toys, and playings to improve your balance, stability, and coordination thus protecting you against falls. I guarantee what I share and teach to improve your memory, mood, creativity, and much more.
Doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, and luminosity have nothing to do with a healthier body, in fact if you do them sitting down it may be unhealthier than doing them at all. Sitting is described as the new “cigarettes”. As Dr. Joan Vernikos says in her wonderful book: “Sitting Kills Moving Heals”.

So you better not be doing your crossword puzzles, sudoku, or luminosity sitting down because statistically you are heading toward a shorter life span. It would be much better if you spent that time out going for a walk. And if you really want to make a contribution to your health you better be doing the kinds of things I share and teach in my Never Leave The Playground Program. I guarantee it will contribute to your overall health in many ways. Have me Stephen Jepson come and share my health giving, life-changing ways to your organization or group. I guarantee it works.


Stephen Jepson

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