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Where is Stephen Jepson juggling?

At my studio I have a series of small boulders  that I walk on. In some cases they are close together and others are far enough apart that I have to jump between them. This serves to keep my feet relatively quick and accurate in their placement. Sometimes I do this barefooted and other times wearing sandals or sneakers. I also have places in rooms at my studio that are extremely complicated with stuff piled around that I have to step over and walk around. Frequently I am barefooted when I do this and I have to pay close attention to where I place my feet so that I do not stub my toe or catch my foot on something. This also serves to keep my feet quite well trained for accurate placement. I do not have the surfaces that I step on  slippery in any way; this is something I guard against slippery surfaces are a no-no and to be avoided. However complicated things to step around and step over are a definite yes-yes. Once again all of this is done to train my feet to be quick and accurate in their placement. It helps to keep me from falling in almost any circumstance.

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