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A wonderful week of Pottery lessons in Gravity, Iowa – Pottery Throwing Technique

I give pottery lessons & I have made many pottery videos.  My throwing technique will inspire.   Award Winning Educational Online Pottery Classes.

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I just finished a wonderful week with Cecilia Lock in Gravity, Iowa. She had me come to Iowa to give her pottery lessons; she did beautifully. When I arrived she was already making competent pieces; I was able to help her with her throwing technique and making her studio and production more efficient. She and her husband Dan were gracious hosts. We had a lot of fun together. Pottery videos can help with instruction as well.

Here is what she said about my week of teaching: 

July 20, 2015

“Having just completed a week course taught by Mr. Stephen Jepson, I was very impressed with his knowledge of the entire clay process. 

He is an expert in the art of throwing on the wheel, and very organized in his approach to teaching the subject. 

I recommend Mr. Jepson as an instructor, for the more experienced potter as well as the beginner.”

Thanks again!

Cece Lock


The best pottery lessons & online pottery videos can be found here.  Throwing technique will surely inspire you to learn pottery throwing & continue to learn in the most fun & exciting way.   Take a look at my Award Winning Educational Online Pottery Classes.

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