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Change the health of the planet

I am alone in the world.

There is no one on the planet who can successfully do the physical things – activities I am able to perform.None! In fact I can probably pick 7 to 10 physical things I’m able to do all of the dozens and dozens of physical activities I am able to do and eliminate the entire rest of the population of the globe. I stand alone. No one can match my physical feats. None! And you may say: why the hyperbole Stephen? Why the bragging Stephen? Why the exaggeration Stephen?” My response is there is no hyperbole or exaggeration here; what I am saying is true, factual, and verifiable. I am making an attempt to bring more attention to the fact  that

I have a message that can change the health of the planet. I know what the fountain of youth is and I want the world to know. Simple as that. I want to bring attention to my message – that is what I want to do. I can save the world billions of dollars of health costs by making the world a healthier place. I will be 75 years old on my next birthday and there is no one of any age –16 to 106 that can do the physical things I can do. Period.


Stephen Jepson