how to avoid poor health and premature aging…

Dr. Vernikos Sitting Kills Moving Heals

Dr. Vernikos is the former director of NASA’s Life Sciences
and pioneering researcher in the physiology of Space and Inactivity.
She has done groundbreaking research on how sitting causes poor
health and premature aging. She shows how you can defeat sitting
disease through simple movements that you can do anywhere, at your
office, at home, and even in your car, a cure which I deem to be an
easy and simple fix.
where the books are shown.

 Dr. Vernikos’s  mission in life is to make the world a healthier,
happier place. Follow her advice.’

Dr. Vernikos Designed to Move
The 2 books Sitting Kills, Moving Heals’ & ‘Designed to Move’.
Are very quick, and engrossing read.. These books will save your life and
contribute to a longer, healthier life.

Remember, we are Designed To Move, & Dr Vernikos Sitting Kills Moving Heals goes right along with this.

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