How to live a healthy lifestyle & how to live longer be healthier and happier.
I have the answer that will solve myriad health problems.

live longer be healthier and happier

You can live longer be healthier and happier.  The answer is playing on the playground. Simply move around on the playground, get your metabolism moving faster, get your brain activity moving faster. Take a look at My Videos & see just what they can do for you.

how to live a healthy lifestyle

All of my focus is to enable people all over the world to live a healthy lifestyle.  You can increase your metabolism, increase your brain capacity, and just generally feel better with my program.  Just by playing on the playground, you will revitalize your physical well-being and your thinking.

live longer be healthier and happier

live longer be healthier and happier
The Jepson Method

My current situation makes me think of Kurt Vonnegut’s tale about an odd little creature that sets down on a beautiful mowed landscape. It arrived from a faraway place in the universe. It is early morning and the slightest  fog is just burning away. Two golfers are leaving a path in the dew that covers everything as they walk along. The spaceship opens up and a small ” something” exits and moves toward the golfers. The little guy is absolutely filled with knowledge. It knows how to bring peace on earth, cure cancer, and hundreds of other scientific breakthroughs. Humanity will be saved in myriad ways. The golfers must have been scared because they each took out a golf club and beat the little space traveler to death with their clubs.  How to live a healthy lifestyle is here.

My studies, knowledge, and experience combine to demonstrate that I am correct in my assessment of what needs to be done. I have discovered an answer. My method will save the health insurance industry billions and save the public years from going into nursing homes. People will live longer, be more youthful, be healthier, and happier.

 I welcome anyone’s suggestions as to how I can get my message out to the widest possible audience. Thank you for your help.


Stephen Jeposn

Tips for living a healthy lifestyle can be found here.

Please Visit My Pottery Instructional Video Website for Some Stay At Home Activities for the Entire Family of All Ages.

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