Movement Mornings Interview

Movement Mornings Interview:


Stephen Jepson is an award-winning potter and former professor at the University of Central Florida in Orlando who believes the secret to life is to “just keep moving.” He’s committed to researching and documenting his theories for lifetime fitness and is available for speaking engagements.


In this first episode of Movement Mornings, we’re honored and excited to speak with Stephen Jepson from Never Leave the Playground. We bet you didn’t know that Stephen actually gets younger as he ages (you don’t have to believe it, but he does). Stephen’s secret lies in challenging both sides of his brain daily through play and movement at his 7,000 square foot training facility. If you’ve never heard 74-year old Jepson speak, be prepared for a heavy dose of enthusiasm, experience and knowledge!

Let’s head to the playground!

Listen to Episode #1 of Movement Mornings

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